• Time Management 101

    Time Management 101

    In order to maximize your success rate, you must first learn to make every hour productive.   Want to maximize your day and get the most out of your work day? Here are a few tips that will help you be more proactive: Plan your day. If...
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  • Technology or Eyetest?

    Technology or Eyetest?

    When it comes to fake IDs, the improvement on technology has made “Eye Tests” obsolete. Nowadays, it is possible to make an almost perfect fake ID. Maybe a human can make the mistake to think the ID is actually the real deal, but a machine is never going to fail...
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  • Don't Be That Bar

    Don't Be That Bar

    At Crown Security Products we know that for bars and restaurants owners, getting a liquor license can be a challenge in itself. This is why today’s blog informs about the laws surrounding alcoholic beverages in a legal and safe manner. Serving alcohol to minors can get your business in big...
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  • 5 tips to help your team to get in on time. Every time.

    5 tips to help your team to get in on time. Every time.

    A proactive team makes a proactive business. It is usual that personal problems arise, and that life happens. However, there is much more behind tardiness. While it might seem like chronic lateness is just plain rude, time management can be harder than it looks—and often, lateness is rooted in something...
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