When it comes to fake IDs, the improvement on technology has made “Eye Tests” obsolete. Nowadays, it is possible to make an almost perfect fake ID. Maybe a human can make the mistake to think the ID is actually the real deal, but a machine is never going to fail on the task it was designed to do.

Here are some fake ID trends for 2017:

Fake IDs are often provided by siblings and cousins, passed down by circumstance and word of mouth. However, teenagers are now using social media channels to find ID cards and gain entrance nightclubs. How they do it? By finding strangers that look like them on Facebook and proposition them to sell their identification. Yes, this is a thing people are actually willing to be paid for.

Instagram also has a growing community of fake IDs providers. All it takes for these underground businesses to reach teenagers is to be present within the underage demographic and use the right hashtags to reach desperate teenagers willing to pay over $100 for a fake ID.

Reddit even has an outgrowing community where teenagers can find anything from tips to places where fakes can be purchased.

How to avoid it

If you’re a club owner, you should really consider having an equipment that will secure your business the best possible way. One of the main reasons why nightclubs are shut down is because of underage drinking in their facilities. Despite your bouncer’s experience and self-confidence, technology is the best way to protect yourself from liabilities.

There is different equipment available for scanning IDs. At Crown Security Products, we want to provide you with the perfect suitable option for your business regardless of its size.


This ID scanner reads all magnetic stripe ID’s only. It’s designed for countertop or portable use. The terminal has an extremely bright, oversized display, ideal for all light conditions (even complete darkness). Protect your business and licenses with one of the leading age verification products available.