In order to maximize your success rate, you must first learn to make every hour productive.  

Want to maximize your day and get the most out of your work day? Here are a few tips that will help you be more proactive:

  1. Plan your day.
    If you don’t have a plan, you’ll probably spend precious time trying to figure out what to do next, or getting overwhelmed at everything you have to do. Instead, plan your week ahead of time. This will allow you to stick to a plan and focus on completing tasks on a certain time. It is normal that new tasks come along the way. However, don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, add these new things to your “To-do” list, and assign a priority to them. Make sure you leave a block of time in your day for “urgent” tasks.
  2. Prioritize tasks.
    Take the time to prioritize your tasks. Feeling overwhelmed is completely normal; especially, when we have a large to-do list in front of us.  For this, utilize the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your typical activities contribute less than 20 percent to the value of your work. Focus on the important 20 percent of your daily tasks and get higher reward on your time investment. Urgent tasks should have the top value.
  3. Commute time is still precious time.
    If you spend a good amount of time dealing with traffic, you may want to consider making good use of it. Mobile meetings can be done while on the road. Also, this time could be used for your self-development. Try listening to audiobooks and mini-trainings that enhance a life of progress and success, setting a mindset of prosperity.  
  4. Take breaks.
    We know time is precious, but your health is too. If you push yourself for too long without giving your mind a break, you could go through a phase of intolerance, irritability, anxiety and fatigue. A mind under these conditions can’t work properly.
    From time to time, make sure to give your brain a break and relax your mind. Perhaps, go outside for some fresh air. Leave the space you’ve been working at for 5 minutes, and come back refreshed for another amazing work session.
  5. Acknowledge others.
    Have enough courage to acknowledge when you have succeeded on a job and take credit for it, but also be humble enough to not be boastful about it. Make sure to take time to give credit to others when it is necessary, and acknowledge people you know who have worked hard to contribute the latest achievement for your team.
    Each person in your team should be treated with value and motivated to keep on working hard.
  6. Goodbye time wasters.
    Try to focus on work when being at work. Things like social media, phone calls, and gossiping can take away valuable time from yourself. Try to maximize your time at work by avoiding these things, and leave the gossiping for after work hours.
    Apply these tips and be persistent. If there is one thing that will help you out succeed the others, it is persistence. It will help you continue to achieve your goals and keep you in a focused mindset that will allow you to be successful and efficient.