F.A.Q. for our ID-E Scanners?

You will find below a list of frequently asked questions from our customers about our ID Age Verification Scanners.
If you have any additional questions or would like further information, please contact one of our product specialists at 1.800.914.9191 or via email.

Which ID Scanner will work in my state?

Please refer to our interactive map to check which of our ID-E Scanners will work best for you.

Driver's Licenses in the United States are equipped with 2 main types of technologies: Magnetic Stripes and/or 2D Barcodes (also known as PDF 417). Depending upon which state you are located in, you will need a scanner capable of reading magnetic stripes or 2D Barcodes.

What are the biggest benefits of using your scanner?

The scanners are designed to prevent human error mistakes, which, in turn, will help avoid heavy fines and loss of licenses.

Does the ID Scanner need to be connected to a phone or Internet line?

Our ID-E Scanners are standalone units that do not need to be connected to the Internet or a telephone line.

Do I need to program the scanner once I receive it?

The Scanner comes pre-programmed and ready to use. Just take it out the box, turn it on and start scanning ID's!

What type of IDs will the scanner be able to read?

The ID-E Scanners are capable of reading Driver's Licenses from anywhere in the USA and Canada, as well as state issued I.D. cards.

How long will it take for my ID Scanner to ship?

All our units are always in stock and ready to ship. Order placed by 4pm E.S.T. will usually ship the same day. We also offer Next Day Air shipping and Saturday delivery upon request.

Which colors are available?

The ID-E Scanners are available in 2 colors: Black or Yellow.

  • Black is more subtle and can be discrete to fit your environment.
  • Yellow is brighter and can help deterred underage drinkers.
Are the ID Scanners portable?

The ID-E-01 and ID-E-03 models are portable and can be used anywhere, using batteries. The ID-E-02 scanner is a countertop unit and needs to be plugged in to a power outlet at all times.

The ID-E-02 is mostly used in businesses such as gas stations, convenient stores, food mart, etc. where the scanner can be placed near the cash register.

Does the ID-E Scanner save any data from the ID scanned?

Yes, the scanner has an internal memory that will save up to 4,000 records. Once the memory limit is reached, the scanner will automatically empty the memory and start again from 0.

Does the ID-E Scanner save any data from the ID scanned?

Yes, with the Compliance Software. Simply connect your scanner to your computer (using a USB connection) and transfer all the data. This enables you to keep a history of your customers and evidence of every ID shown to you.