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Keeping track of employees hours is one of the most important parts of your business. You want to make sure you are billed for the right time, but you don't want to be cheated either. The process should be simple, fast and efficient, and that is exactly what we had in mind when we developed our Time & Attendance software.

Combined with our state of the art fingerprint clocks, our Made-in-USA software can reduce your monthly payroll costs by 10% to 20% which, in turn, adds profit to your bottom line every month! This truly is a product that will pay for itself. Explore all of the features, screenshots and options that our software has to offer.

Our software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server. Not MAC compatible.


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Software Features

We created our Time & Attendance Software with clients in mind: an easy to use interface that is simple to navigate. We loaded it with great features so that you can manage your employees time from A to Z, all in one place, with minimal effort. Track and report employee time and attendance, schedule holidays and personal days off, define employee schedules and configure employee payment options, including over-time and double-time calculations. Generate reports that will automatically calculate your employees total hours based on their punches, export and save these reports in several different file formats including Excel and PDF.

Records Modifications

Add a missed punch, edit an existing record or delete a duplicate punch, with one simple click of your mouse.

Round Off Times

Choose a pre-defined rule, or create your own rule and automatically round off your employees times.

Manage Time Off

Track employees Vacation, Sick, Personal and Holiday Hours so that you know exactly how many hours were used and how many are left for the current year. You can also accrue vacation and sick hours, based on hours worked.

Reports Center

Review your employees hours with one of our many reports: whether you're looking for a basic summary of the total hours worked, a complete report detailing every single punch, a report showing absences/tardies or a spreadsheet showing the total hours worked per job, we have it all.

Professional Edition

Upgrading to the Professional edition of our Software will enable the additional features below to enhance your experience and facilitate your work.

Payroll Providers Upgrade

Export your employees hours and payment information to QuickBooks, ADP, PAYCHEX, CSV, Heartland, GMS, CheckMark, TotalTrack, CPI or Replicon. Our software generates compatible payroll files that can then be easily imported into your third Party Payroll Providers application.

Security Upgrade

Create multiple software administrators with multiple levels of permissions: User permissions can be defined to allow or restrict access to Employee Control, Device Management, Reports, Exports and/or specific Departments. Furthermore there is a footprint, so that you can easily identify if a record was modified and by whom.
This feature also provides the ability to install and activate the software for up to 5 users. The database folder can then be centralized in a shared location on your network, so that each software points and synchronizes to the same database.

(1 installation and 1 administrator only for Standard Edition)
Schedule Data Control Upgrade

Schedule an automatic download of punches from your time clock to the software (your time clock must be connected to computer via USB Cable or connected to the network). The automatic collection can be set for once a day up to once every hour.

You can also set an automatic backup of the software database for security and protection from accidental data loss.

Device Upgrade

Manage an unlimited number of time clocks from the same software. This feature also enables the remote access of a time clock through a LAN, WAN, VPN or Internet: For Internet access, a static public IP address and router with port forwarding is required.

(Standard Edition manages up to 5 time clocks)
Employee Upgrade

Manage an unlimited number of employees in your software.

(Standard Edition manages up to 50 employees)
Multiple Company Upgrade

Manage an unlimited number of companies within the same software.

(Standard Edition lets you manage only 1 company)

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons you should choose CrownSecurityProducts for your time clock needs:


    There are NO on-going monthly fees or yearly subscriptions with our time clocks or software. No licenses to renew, no mandatory enrollment, etc.


    Take advantage of the many features our software has to offer. The best part is: Any software updates are always available to all clients for free!


    You can rely on our expert product support team, trained to answer any questions you may have on the time clocks or software. (Extended technical support requires the purchase of an optional support plan).


    We've been developing and improving our fingerprint sensors for the last 10 years. They are among the fastest and most efficient in the industry.


    We offer our clients the best product/software/support, always at the lowest prices possible.