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Introducing Facepro, the leading facial recognition time clock, designed for ease of use. Powered by the BioNANO core algorithm, Facepro ensures touch free identification in under one second. The infrared light source enables the terminal to perform well in all light conditions, even complete darkness. The elegant design works with all users, regardless of complexion, facial hair or facial expressions.

  • No monthly fees or annual subscriptions!

  • Dual cameras for induction and verification.

  • Fast facial scan in less than 1 second.

  • LCD Touch Screen for easy navigation.

  • Transfer data via USB Flash Drive or network.

  • Accepts up to 3,000 users.

  • NEW - Also accepts proximity cards.



The CrownSecurityProducts difference
Facepro is the leading facial recognition time clock, designed for ease of use. With a storage capacity of 100,000 records and 3,000 users, Facepro is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. Equipped with dual cameras for superior induction and verification, the time clock will seamlessly recognize all users, regardless of their complexion, facial expressions, beards or hair style. Furthermore, the unit was built with a high speed Samsung ARM platform CPU, which ensures identification in under one second.

For increased user experience, Facepro has voice and L.E.D. prompts and touchscreen capabilities. Gone are the days of “buddy punching” and the associated fraudulent costs, Facepro will let you know, to the minute, when employees are clocking in and out. For ease of data transfer, the unit is also equipped for USB pen drive data download and TCP/IP connectivity.

The software is outstanding and can generate a wealth of information, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the accounting department. Furthermore, the unit comes with all cables, instructions and is ready to use. Take advantage of the outstanding value and streamline you payroll management today!


Additional Information

  • Screen: 2.8 Inch 240*320 TFT LCD Touch Screen.
  • Function Key: 10 User-defined Function Key.
  • Camera: Dual Cameras.
  • Communication Interface: TCP/IP, USB Pen Drive.
  • User Capacity: 3,000.
  • Log Capacity: 100,000.
  • Identification Mode: Face, ID+Password.
  • FAR: ≤0.1%.
  • Identification Time: ≤1s (1:300).
  • Web Server: Yes.
  • Tamper Alarm: Yes.
  • Angle Range: Level: ±20°, Vertical: ±20°.
  • Verification Distance: 12in - 32in.
  • User Capacity: 500.
  • Algorithm: Recognition Rate: ≥99%.


Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

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COVID Technology At Its Best
Our company needed to respond to the new CoVID world we are living in. This time clock is a good solution to getting the employees into work without contact and is super accurate. We changed over from the traditional punch in cards. It was quick, easy, and so far, we are extremely pleased with the system. the only negative was we had to buy a new clock, but everywhere else we looked, had monthly on going cost
Overall Satisfaction
Review by HNS Supply / (Posted on 6/22/2020)
HElped with covid19
We're actually existing customer of crown security and with the coronavirus we thought it was best to upgrade our current clock to facial recognition.
LOVE the new clock, slick design but most importantly it works great. It reads our employees faces super fast, you can even enroll with a mask! (yep we tried)

Sure is worth the investment IMO... great clock.
Overall Satisfaction
Review by JCT / (Posted on 5/29/2020)
Should have tried this years ago
We ordered the facial clock so that employees don't have to touch. It's saving me a great amount of time to run my payroll. Big thank to Mike to help me set it up!
Overall Satisfaction
Review by JACK W / (Posted on 4/18/2020)
Ideal solution
Our employees used a mobile/online app where they would manually enter their time. We felt there was some padding of hours. We found this is the ideal solution to prevent cheating on hours while eliminating the possibility of buddy punching that occurs with other clocks. The only issue we've encountered is if an employee has a longer beard, the clock has trouble reading their face and it's tricky to enroll them. Overall, totally recommended.
Overall Satisfaction
Review by Payroll / (Posted on 9/11/2019)
Good clock
We have been very happy with facial recognition. It has stopped the employees from cheating, no matter how dirty their hands may be!
Overall Satisfaction
Review by Tony's Lawn and Landscape / (Posted on 2/6/2019)

Overall Satisfaction
Review by TRAMO / (Posted on 9/7/2018)
The FacePro is an excellent alternative to the punch card time clocks of the past.
9:21 AM 7/27/2018

Facepro Facial Recognition Time Clock

We needed a solution to a problem we reconized in that the old fashion punch card time clock
had seen its day, a modern time clock which included some biometric that would identify each
employee and eliminate "buddy punching" in our mechanic shop.

We first considered finger print time clocks. However, since these employees are mechanics,
finger prints might not be the best solution. Then we discovered Crown Security Products FacePro
Facial Recognition Time Clock.

The FacePro was the perfect solution. Easy to install, easy to understand. We had it mounted,
software installed and employees registered within 48 hours.

Using its BioNANO core algorithm, the FacePro worked out great. No more "buddy punching".

The back-office portion of the software allows various parameters to match your needs.

Once the set up was complete, employees simply look at the screen and and the FacePro identifies
the employe in less than a second.

We set up the FacePro directly to our network using the Ethernet cable which was included, but it
also accepts USB Flash Drive to transfer the data.

Excellent product.

Excellent customer service, too.
Overall Satisfaction
Review by Louis / (Posted on 7/27/2018)
Facial recognition clock
We bought the facial clock and it has met our expections.. We have approx 20 dairy workers and had concerns about dirty hands. That's not an issue with this clock, but it would have been nice if it had WiFi too. Maybe something to add in the future?
Overall Satisfaction
Review by Jane / (Posted on 8/23/2016)
Works Great!
The Facepro works great, and has very little problems. It was incredibly easy to set up, and I had it running with everyones face scanned in within 24 hours. We have a company of around 20 employees, so it makes it a lot easier knowing that everyones time is correct and easy to gather. Also if I ever needed help, Crown Security was always a phone call away, and they were very good about answering all of my questions. Thanks for the great product!
Overall Satisfaction
Review by Jack / (Posted on 6/9/2015)
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The Professional Edition adds some important features to facilitate your work:
  • ● Manage an unlimited number of employees (Up to 50 employees with Standard).
  • ● Install the software on up to 5 PC with Professional. (1 PC with Standard)
  • ● Set multiple software administrators with different levels of permissions.
  • ● Schedule automated data collection from the time clocks.
  • ● Create and manage multiple companies.
  • ● Password protect access to your software.
  • ● Archive older data you no longer need.
  • ● Export employees hours into third party payroll providers (QuickBooks, ADP, PAYCHEX, etc).
Click on the following link to find out more about our Time & Attendance Software features.

With the addition of the WiFi module, you have the option of connecting your Facepro to an existing Wireless network, and transfer the data to the software wirelessly.

The Technical Support Plan is a value added service that will save you time: Upon enrollment, our team of in-house professionals will provide a product orientation, remotely connect to your computer (to help set everything up), and then provide on-going technical support to assist in any way.

Proximity Cards are an extremely useful accessory for biometric time clocks and access control devices. If you have a situation where employees are unable to scan their fingerprint for recognition, (such as wearing latex gloves or a bandage due to injury), then these cards are the solution. The proximity cards work in conjunction with employee biometrics, not instead of, meaning that an employee can use either their fingerprint or a proximity card for recognition. Priced right, we highly recommend this accessory as many of our customers find them an extremely useful.