Let’s face it, people tend to be tired or distracted early in the morning. This can make people forgetful, even to do a simple and easy task, such as using the time clock when arriving to work. Read on for tips to remind your employees to clock in and out.

Have the clock-in/clock-out station by the entrance.

As the first thing employees see the morning when they walk in, it will be hard for them to avoid. They can clock-in on the way to their work area and clock-out on their way out of the office at the end of the day. If they do it right away upon arrival, they will have more time to spend on the important thing (working!) and eliminate the chances of them forgetting to clock in whenever they remember. The same thing goes for at the end of the day. Seeing the station near the entrance will make it easy and convenient to clock-out as they leave.

Offer incentives.

Clocking in and out is something so simple and takes little time. Motivate your employees to do it by offering incentives or make it a contest with prizes to give out. Little rewards can make a big difference. Find out what kind of things your employees like so you make sure there will be something for everyone!

Set reminders, or encourage employees to set them.

The options with this are endless. Email reminders, cell phone reminders, even written reminders… there are multiple options to consider. A verbal reminder can get pushed aside or blown off, but if it is something scheduled, it is more likely to get done right away because they have taken the time to make a note of it. With daily reminders, the employees will get into the habit of clocking in and out, and soon they may no longer need a reminder.

Time clocks have many advantages, but as an employer, perhaps one of the most important is that they allow you to be certain that you are not paying employees for time they have not worked. By employees clocking in and out, you will be able to make sure they worked their correct hours, which in turn will help you produce more accurate paychecks. This not only benefits the employer but the employee as well.

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