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Quick Overview

Keep your servers on the floor selling more! This low cost paging solution is easy to use and offers simple one touch operation. It’s rechargeable so it can be located anywhere in your kitchen, bar, etc. For larger restaurants, you can use multiple units to page servers from different locations, such as placing one in the bar and one in the kitchen. Included is a built in dry erase board, so it’s easy to change server names each shift.

  • Servers know the moment food/drinks are ready.

  • Easy one touch operation.

  • Faster service = greater table turnover.

  • Servers have more time to provide great customer service.

  • Greater guest satisfaction.

  • Comes with 5 Star Pagers included.



Our server paging systems enable your servers to spend more time with guests instead of waiting in the kitchen for orders. When an order is ready, the kitchen staff simply pages the server so they know the order is ready to be picked up. And since servers spend more time on the floor, check averages are higher and tables are turned faster. Our standard server paging system is a low cost option that is easy to use and offers one touch operation. The UHF transmitter can page up to 99 servers. The unit is wireless and can easily be moved from one location to another, without the requirement for an electrical outlet. This is ideal for your kitchens, bars, etc. You can use multiple T9550LCK transmitters if you wish to page servers from different locations throughout your restaurant. “Manager re-page” function will notify a manager if a server fails to pick up food after a preset time has expired.


Additional Information

  • Wireless pager programmability.
  • Molded Lexan case.
  • All-page feature.
  • Changeable default settings of 1,2 or 3 vibes.
  • Economically priced.
  • Crystal-controlled frequency.
  • Works with all Service Pagers.
  • Handles up to 99 pagers.
  • Range test mode.
  • Operates on battery or 110V / 220V.
  • Built-in Plexiglas name board.
  • Built-in battery meter.
  • Overall size: 8.5" x 11".
  • UHF frequency (420 - 470 MHz).


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The value in terms of keeping servers in front of guests is intrinsic
We were looking for a way to reduce the amount of time servers spent travelling back and forth between their section and the kitchen. We have a 56,000 square foot facility, so you can imagine that it takes several minutes travel time one way. In the short time we have had the system, we have accomplished our goal. Now servers can spend more time generating sales rather than wasting time travelling to kitchen to check on the progress of their orders.

We were impressed with how the system was able to communicate so well over such a distance and with concrete and steel barriers.

We had one small problem with a couple pagers, but when we phoned it in, we were promptly shipped replacements which arrived quickly. Good service here.
Overall Satisfaction
Review by Gateway / (Posted on 2/13/2014)
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