ID-E-02 Age Verification ID Scanner w/ Barcode Reader


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Quick Overview

THIS ID SCANNER READS ALL MAGNETIC STRIPE AND 1D 2D BARCODE ID’S. IT IS DESIGNED FOR COUNTERTOP/WALLMOUNT USE ONLY – NOT PORTABLE USE. Ideal system for complete protection and ID verification. Essential for businesses where some customer ID’s only have a barcode. The terminal stores up to 4,000 records, ready for immediate download with optional compliance software. Extremely bright display operates in all light conditions and displays a variety of information about the customer, such as name, age, D.O.B, address, etc.

  • Instantly scan magnetic stripe & 2D barcodes for ultimate protection.

  • Designed for wall mount or countertop use.

  • Extremely strong, durable unit.

  • Stores 4,000 records for compliance purposes.

  • Priced much lower than our competitors.

  • See more under the Features tab below.



Help spot fake ID's, expired ID's, and underage consumers with our Premier Age Verification ID Scanner with barcode reader. This is the ideal product to increase the efficiency of your employees, help check ID's properly, and reduce the "human error" factor.

Manually checking ID's just takes too long, and mistakes are bound to occur. It is essential that all businesses associated with age restricted items implement a professional approach, as the risks of large penalties, suspensions and loss of licenses are simply too high.

The Premier Age Verification Terminal with barcode reader is the ideal solution, and this model works with all magnetic stripe ID's and 1D/2D barcodes. Furthermore, we strongly recommend the optional software for compliance purposes, which enables you to download and store the previous 4,000 ID scans for regulatory purposes. Upload data to an Excel Spreadsheet for customer information. You may care to add the "banned customer" feature, so that you can identify problem customers, right at the door.

This ID scanner is extremely easy to use... the terminal operates via plug for desktop/counter use or batteries for handheld mobile convenience. This model comes complete with wrist strap, AC/DC power supply and 2 AA batteries.

* Please verify the privacy laws of your state. We accepts no responsibility for illegal collection or use of data. *


Additional Information

  • Colors Available: Yellow or Black.
  • Reads ID States and Driving Licenses from all 50 States & Canadian Provinces.
  • Internal memory stores up to 4,000 scans.
  • Unit ready to be used out of the box. No Setup required!
  • Standalone scanner: no telephone line or computer cable required.
  • Display age, DOB & expiration date when ID is scanned.
  • Expired ID alert.
  • Birthday Alert.
  • Review customer's data directly on the scanner.
  • Optional Compliance Software to store raw customer data of last 4,000 scans.
  • Optional BAN/VIP Feature to flag your customer's driving license.


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The compliance software enables you to download and store raw customer data of the previous 4000 scans. Your investment in this software could help protect you, and your business.
An example of this scenario, is as follows: Customer A purchases and consumes 6 beers and then gets into a serious accident. It turns out that Customer A is only 19 years old and had used his older brothers ID (who is 24 and looks very similar) to purchase the beer. The police investigate and Customer A tells the police that he bought the beer from your location. With this software, you have evidence that, although he did purchase the beer from your business, your employee took steps to verify that the customer was over 21.
*Please verify privacy laws of your state. CrownSecurityProducts accepts no responsibility for illegal collection/use of data.*

Our Upgraded Features include the "BAN/VIP" feature:

The BAN/VIP feature will alert you if a specific individual is attempting to gain access. Some of our customers use this feature to identify banned customers, while others use it to identify VIP's. Either way, this is an excellent feature to help remember specific individuals, whether they are VIP's or troublemakers.